Spiritual Memoir Ghostwriter

We can show you how to turn stories into epic memoirs. 

We are a small group of memoir ghostwriters. From expereince, we have learned that not only getting a memoir written is therapeutic, but so are subsequent processes of publishing and sharing your story with the world. That graduated healing process is a gift that keeps giving.

How can you begin this process?

You can begin this process through having structured, phone sessions with one of our ghostwriters, that involve interviewing. We pay attention to your word choice, the way you speak, thought processes, etc. This helps us preserve your “voice”. Aside from active listening to channel your vision, we depend heavily on our past experience as a therapist. We use cognitive and social empathy to connect with your feelings. Through this,  text content is articulated to create an immersive reading experience.

We specialize in spiritual memoirs, the ones we define as “challenges turning into catharsis” books.

These are books with a personal narrative-a restless young man looking for Divine love and peace or a businesswoman struggling to save her marriage. I blend in narrative-medicine and lessons learned along the way.

When people come to us, they usually have attempted writing their story in autobiography format. One client put it succinctly: I do not want my story where I tell readers, I was born, this happened, then that happened, end of story. I want my story to be told as if it was a PBS Masterpiece production. 

We understand these writing needs. 

So, we would like to offer our skills to help tell your story that could impact the world positively, facilitate emotional healing and legacy-preserving effects for you and your loved ones.

It has been an honor to help:

  • 50 authors pen their books as a memoir ghostwriter, with several of them bestsellers
  • Over 1,500 authors self publish and market their book’s message

Because we have book publishing experience, that means helping put your memoir in your fans’ hands  will be a seamless process.

Note: As part of Write a Book Foundation, 20% of our revenue goes to support our non-profit mission that includes helping victims of abuse, military veterans suffering from war-induced PTSD and narrative-medicine research.

2 Replies to “Spiritual Memoir Ghostwriter”

  1. Hi,
    I am interested in writing a memoir. Have been for a number of years. I want to describe how I healed from a traumatic event.
    But I suck a writing and need someone to help me with the words.

  2. Looking for a ghostwriter to write my exciting memoir. After 27 years as a private investigator. I have found my gifts/talent. Now as a RTT Hypnotherapist, my life is unrecognizable in the most beautiful profound awakening way. I would like to tell my story to help others and show them what’s truly available to them. http://www.susancavka.com 🦋

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