How can one practice Memoir Therapy?

There are three recommended ways:

– Write Your Own

– Hire a Book Coach

– Hire a Memoir Ghostwriter

Regardless of the route you take here, the shorter the time-span where you get your memoir written, the better. Because through experience I have found that when people take more than 90-days, they miss a day or two here and there and that tends to break the chain of thought processes. In other words, your text will read smoother if you get it done in 60-days or less.

Of these three, 2nd and 3rd are comparatively more effective to 1st, due to having a layer of accountability.

The benefit of 3rd option of hiring a ghostwriter that specializes in memoir writing is that a lot of memoirists are familiar with The Hero’s Journey formula. Therefore, being aided by an experienced memoirist will allow you to get a bird’s eye-view of your past, present and even the future. You will be able to see what part of the Hero’s Journey, you have been able to achieve so far and what is next.

The single biggest challenge for anyone thinking of getting a memoir done? Time. Consider the averages for time taken:

    • Before making a decision to write a book: 5 years
    • For sitting down to write a memoir: 2.5 years
    • Deciding if the book is ready to be shared with the world: 6 months

Altogether: over 8 years.

Comparatively, the steps 2 and 3 are slashed down to less than 5 months.


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