Q: I wouldn’t know where to start… I’ve been through pure hell for a few decades….How can you help?
A: Sorry to hear that you went through challenging times. Most of the people we work with are not sure where to begin either. That is why we have a guided interview process to help articulate your story and also provide healing and closure.
Q: How long will getting a book written take?
A:  A book of 150 pages takes about 9 weeks to be written and edited.
Q: What would the process of getting my memoir be like?
A: I will work closely with you to develop your idea into a finished book.• I will interview you to discuss your idea in detail and clarify your vision.
If an illustrator is necessary, she will coordinate the selection of an artist for the project and coordinate the creation of the illustrations.
• I will contact you to set up a series of conversations, held via phone or Skype, so that he or she can gather the information necessary to begin the creation process.
• A Summary, an Outline and a Book Strategy or Story Map for Memoir/fiction will be created and submitted for your review and approval. Upon your approval, the creative process gets going full steam.
• I will create Chapter 1, based upon the summary and outline, and then submit that to you for your review. Upon approval of Chapter 1, the writer will move onto Chapter 2, and so on, until you have a completed book.
• An editor will be selected whose background is suitable for your project.

Q: Do I Own the Finished Book?

A: You will have complete ownership of the finished book and it will carry your name as the author. Once the book is written, we can also work with you to produce a finished book and bring it to market under a separate agreement.

Q: How Much Will it Cost?

A: We have three packages. Beside the usual manuscript development processes, our price also includes professional editing, and getting the manuscript ready for book production phase.
If research is required before working on the manuscript, then hourly rate of $95/hour will apply.

Q: Can you help me publish my book?

A: Yes. Since I have book publishing experience, I can help with publishing your book.