Psychotherapist Turned Memoirist

What happens when people quit a long-term career choice? There is usually dissatisfaction with the whole system. It was the same for me. It did not start out that way.

My early family experiences groomed me for the role of a therapist. Trying to heal my parents’ sadness. I searched for a solution that would solve the dysfunctional nature of my family. Such feelings-along with intense needs to atone, supply a powerful impetus toward pursuing a career in the helping professions.

After the third year into my new career, I realized that the quantum transformations that my clients experienced, happened in the privacy of their own home, park, travelling, etc, anywhere but my space. One common denominator was that they utilized part of the main recommendations – journaling, meditations, and therapeutic writing techniques. That realization propelled my career towards using writing to help people to heal and find themselves.